Startups are founded with a vow to revolutionize the world with original ideas and cutting-edge technology. However, the reality is that the probability of success is only 7%.
For startups that have begun to follow such a thorny path, it is essential to have a partner who can accelerate the business, supplement the wisdom and experience that is not available, and lead to success.

An advisor that turns an early-stage startup's mission into action
from a sales and marketing perspective.
The answer is bTANK.


Zero to01 one experience

Solid experience launching a company and multiple new business divisions to make zero into 1.

Wisdom02 and knowledge

Wisdom and knowledge to expand the business.

Diverse03 career

A wide range of careers in Hollywood studios, technology, and finance.

Coaching04 power

Coaching ability to support solving a variety of problems.


Clarify the next move by planning strategies and tactics to expand sales and customers.

  • Marketing

    Formulating marketing-driven management strategy, marketing mix, customer target selection, and branding.

  • Monetize

    Creating business models, devising appropriate positioning, and creating hypotheses for pricing models based on competitive advantage.

  • Sales

    Developing sales tactics to acquire initial customers, materializing sales tools, planning organizational strategies, and introducing C-levels and sales partners.

  • Negotiation

    Based on Hollywood-style negotiation techniques, supporting negotiations with partner companies and customers step by step and obtaining superior terms and conditions.

  • Subscription

    With advice based on the experience of video subscription services, providing specific ideas for price offerings, freemium measures, and churn rate reduction.

  • Global

    Supporting the market entry of startups aiming for overseas markets and backing up hands-on negotiations with partner companies.

  • Management

    Strengthening organizational capability by coaching to establish a leadership style, compliance, governance, and risk management.

  • Finance

    Supporting to development of a capital policy for financing and advice on a successful pitch presentation.



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Kojiro Seto

Former Head of Sony Pictures Television in Japan
After graduating from university, joined Sumitomo Bank, Ltd. (currently Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation) and engaged in money management as a fund manager and analyst and followed by becoming the president of Shockwave Entertainment Co., Ltd., a Japanese corporation of internet entertainment service started by the US software company Macromedia (currently Adobe Systems). Expanded its business model to advertising, licensing, e-commerce, etc., and achieved profitability in the second term. In the previous job, headed as the Japan Representative and Vice President of Sony Pictures Television, a Japanese branch office of Hollywood Studio. Oversaw the department that licenses content to on-demand services and broadcasting stations, expanded the business, and contributed to developing Japan’s video subscription business industry.


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